McMaster Unbiased Galaxy Simulations

The MUGS project is a set of high-resolution galaxy formation simulations of isolated ~L* galaxies performed using the hydrodynamics (SPH) plus N-body code GASOLINE. The simulations include a treatment of low temperature metal cooling, UV background radiation, star formation, and physically motivated stellar feedback. The regions to resimulate at high resolution are chosen randomly from halos of mass 5e11 to 2e12 Msun without regards to merger history or spin parameter; this lack of selection bias enables us to directly compare not only the mean properties of the resulting galaxies, but also their full distribution.

The MUGS sample consists of 16 galaxies, and contains both disk galaxies and ellipticals, both red sequence and blue cloud galaxies, and galaxies with a range of star formation and assembly histories.

The basic properties of the MUGS galaxies are given in the following table. The first 9 (g1536 - g25721) were presented in Stinson et al. 2010; the remainder (g422 - g28547) were presented in Nickerson et al. 2013. All masses are in units of 1e10 Msun.

GalaxyMassspinzlmmMgas M*MdiskMbulge

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